"I sinks its...."

Zoey's new words lately are "I sinks its...." followed by her answer to, most of the time, a question. Everything she tells me has usually started off with a "I sinks its...". For example, tonight when I got home she was telling me that Daddy and her went to the store.

Zoey: Look, mommy, I got a sucker.
Mom: Oh you got a sucker! What color get you get?
Zoey: I sinks its was....lellow
Mom: It was yellow
Zoey: yeah and I lick it and then I bite it
Mom: Oh my goodness, what did it taste like?
Zoey: I sinks its....lellow
Mom: Did it taste like banana?
Zoey: No
Mom: Did it taste like lemon?
Zoey: No, I sinks it taste like lellow.

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