Going nigh-night

One morning, I was finishing my laundry and had everything out of the basket and getting ready to put things away when Zoey decided to play in the basket. She had lots of fun and was claiming she was going nigh-night. She would climb in and out of the basket with a pillow from the couch and her blanket. I had to put the blanket over her to completely cover her which she thought was hilarious. Here are some pictures.

After she was done playing in the basket she got her "Pooh Bear" out, with these little My Little Pony "chairs" and a play envelope which she called the "table" and had them set out so the Pooh bear could eat. She was so proud of what she did when she told me I had to get pictures. This is Pooh Bear eating his dinner at the table. I did not help in anyway. She did this all on her own. She still does this quite often. So silly and cute.


Chelsea Haight said...

I wish I had such a good imagination still. Life would be so much more entertaining. Zoey's hair is so cute and wild!

Harmon Family said...

It would be much more entertaining, wouldn't it. She is such a hoot and fun to be around. I love her!!

-Shan said...

What is it about the laundry basket that invites all little children to "climb aboard"? We have similar play during laundry time. The girls use the baskets last time to crawl around and pretend to be turtles. Awe, the imagination of a child! It does make life more fun, even if you just get to watch it.