Update on my Externship

So I thought I would update everyone on my externship. It is going really well. In fact, I was able to assistant on my own, with the help of another assistant as well as the doctor, on a treatment or filling of an 18 year old boy. He actually looked older than me, but I am used to that. I did pretty good. Dr. James, one of 3 doctors, said that other externs he has had were shaking with the saliva ejector, but I didn't which was good. The rest of it, I really didn't know what to hand him next, so Christy helped me, She is the head dental assistant. It wen t pretty good. I just need lots more practice. I have done a few cleanings on a few kids that were really good kids. I am going to hopefully finish by the 21st of this month which would be fabulos. So far I have been told that Dr. Shebani, the head dentist, likes me as well as her husband Geis who runs around the clinic as the toy man entertaining all the kids with his magic tricks. I hope that it turns into a job and I can stay there and earn lots of money. This week although has been really slow because school just started on Tuesday and nobody wants to bring in their kids in the first week on school. So Saturday's are very busy. But the weekdays are slow enough that they are closed tomorrow and monday because of 4 or 5 appointments each the enitre day. Anyway, I am planing on going in all next week and a few days the week after to finish it all up. Wish me luck.


Damien and Ashley Smith said...

Sounds like it is a great oppurtunity! Hope it all goes well!

Jessica Marie said...

Hey! Happy Birthday yesterday! We just got back from Denver...so I haven't had a computer. I'll cross my fingers for you! You'll pick it up quickly...don't worry. I'll call you, I promise~