Bike Ride with Grandpa Harmon

Grandpa Harmon has been trying to find a trailer to go the back of his bike so that he can take Zoey, or other little grandkids, for bike rides. He enjoys bike riding a lot. He found one for his bike just before Bryce's sisters came up. They went for a few rides but I wasn't able to get any pictures until today. Zoey obvioulsy went by herself and had lots of fun. They went down to the park and around the block. Grandpa wanted to make sure she was safe and bought her this cute helmet. It has cute little dragons. Zoey LOVES slides. Its her favorite thing. She was ho so mad when Grandpa said it was time to go. She cried the whole way home. He felt really bad. I heard them when they cam home because Zoey was crying "I go back slide, I go back and slide". So as soon as they came in they went straight to the backyard and went down the slide a few more times. She loved it until we said no more. No a very happy girl. She didn't have much of a nap. It's hard on Sundays because church starts when she goes down for a nap. She onyl got about 25 minutes of nap today, so she was upset more then normal cuz she was sleepy. Grandpa said that she had a routine that she did for everytime she went down the slide. He showed her how to runa stick against some bars and also to turn big tubes that had numbers so her rountine was as soon as she would get off slide, she would run over and grab the stick, hit the bars, then run over to the tube and turn the numbers and then go down the slide again. He said she did it over and over again. Sometimes she would walk past the stick but then as soon as she remembered she would turn around and do it then go back to the tube and then the slide. Silly girl. I think they both really enjoyed it. I am glad that Grandpa and Zoey have something special to do together that they both enjoy and have time to spend with each other.
Getting ready to go.
Cute helmet!!!
Already to go with Grandpa!!

Off to the park!

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