Family Visit

This past week, we have had Bryce's older sisters Danette with her little gilr Abby who was born on Zoey's birthday last year and Shannon and her 3 kids, Cassidy who is 5, Kayla who is 3 and then Brogan who is 5 month, came out to visit from New Hampshire to get away from the snow. It didn't work to their advantage because we just got a pretty bad hail storm mixed with a little snow here and raining all week plus it didn't help that it also was 81 degrees back home. So as far as reasoning to come out, it stinks for them. But we have had lots of fun with them out here. We went to a place called Kids Club on Wednesday where they have a jungle gym type thing with a big snake slide. Zoey really liked the slide but wasn't so sure about going up to the slide. I went in there with her but the whole time she paniced and got mad and didn't like it. Kept saying "No Like". But once we got to the slide and down it she wanted to go again. Then Thursday night we went to our gym and went swinning with everybody and invited one of their friend and her little girl Ally. That was a blast. They have a little kiddie area, a lazy river, lap area ad they have a big water slide. Since we have had memberships we haven't gone down the slide until then and Zoey loved it. She was freezing cold, with purple hands, feet and lips and was shivering while waiting to go down. She loved it so much that she didn't care if she was cold. We tried to stay in the water to get a little warm but she just wanted to go down the slide. As sson as we were off the slide she would say "I go down slide again". She had a blast. Everybody had a blast. Bryce and I switched off going down the slide between Zoey, Cassidy and Kayla. It was fun.

The whole time they have been here, Zoey has been calling everyone Starla. I thought it was funny because we haven't seen Starla in a while and she hasn't ever really said Starla, but everyone to her is Starla. Funny girl. Zoey has been playing really well with the girls. Except for the few "Mine" arguements. She has done really well sharing everything with them. She had a meltdown when we had to use her carseat for Abby. But she eventually was okay with it. She did better around Abby. Last time Abby and Danette were here, she wanted nothing to do with her. She was mad when I held Abby. Very jealous but she has done great with Abby and even with Brogan. She has actually been a little curious with him. She hasn't gotten jealous when Mommy or even Grandma holds him. She has been a very good girl. Cassidy, Kayla and Zoey all had matching swim suits. Shannon took some pictures so I will have theet them on when I get them from her. We have had a lot of fun spending time with his family. We are looking forward to our Family reunion coming up in August at Bear Lake.


Starla Erickson said...
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Starla Erickson said...

Well I guess we know who her favorite aunt is :o)! We miss you guys and hope to see you soon!

Amanda said...

hey shan! it's amanda Horsley-Diaz. I fpund you off your sisters blog. I didn't know you were in Vancouver how exciting! Your Zoey and my Natalie are 2 weeks apart, crazy huh? Well email me so I can send you an invite to see my blog amanda@jaredhorsley.com