Week 3 of School

So I got back my first test from last week and I did better than I thought. I got 78%, which isn't bad considering it was the first week, had lot of homework and new terminology was being thrown at me and I had family here all week that I would have rather played with than locked up in my room studing. This weeks test was alot easier and I think I did better on this one then the first test. Thought I would update all of you on school. I am still haveing lots of fun learning everything. It is still overwhelming but it is getting eaiser. The only thing I am scared about is needles and syringes. One of the instructors husband had to some in for emergency filling. He called and said he chipped his tooth. We were able to watch the whole procedure and I was fine with all of it except the needle. I almost fainted when he pulled the syringe out and started to use it. I was really light headed and had to leave for a while to go sit down and gather myself before I faint. I hope that I can overcome that. I was a little annoyed at myself for that and I hope it goes away and I can handle syringes and needles again.

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