Conversations asleep

Bryce has had conversations with me when he was sleeping so the other day this was our conversation:

Bryce: Hey, how are you feeling?
Me: (I was a little nauseous from something I ate the night before) I'm better
Bryce: By the way, I am awake.
Me: (Believing him) Ok, I am going to go take a shower and then we are going to go. (Shannon and her kids were still here)
Bryce: Are you going to shower?
Me: Yeah
Bryce: Are you going to shower naked?
Me: (sarcastically) Nope, with my clothes on
Bryce: OOOHHH (disappointed)

I normally try not to say to much because I know he won't remember any of it but this time he told me he was awake, when he really wasn't. We have had many other conversations that he doesn't remember and its always funny to talk to him about it when he is REALLY awake.

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