JJ Jump

Today was the last day Shannon and her kids were here. Their flight left at 1:55pm so this morning we went to a place called JJ Jump. It's a big warehouse with blown up slides and trampolines for the kids to play on. This was the first time Zoey has been able to play on. Last time she was there, she was just learning how to crawl. So, at first she freaked out and cried saying "No like". But then eventually she got use to it and was a little better. I took her down one of the slides and of course she loved it and wanted to go down it again. There was an obstacle course that I tried to get her to go in but she was afraid of it and screamed anytime we went close to it. I was able to get her past one little part when Cassidy went with us but that was as far as she would go because then she started to scream. The slide that she played mostly on was a little hard for her to climb up at first so I carried her up there and eventually I got tired and had to sit down. That wasn't okay with her. She through herself to the ground adn screamed. Her fits are usually her falling on her knees and then the rest belly down. This time she skip falling on her knees and fell stright down. Shannon, Grandma and I just laughed. It was pretty funny to see. After I got a little rest we went on it again but she was able to figure out how to climb up to go down the slide. She liked it, I liked it and wasn't going to get worn out. When she went down sitting up, she would fly forward almost doing a flip everytime. One time she actually did and it was pretty funny. She kind of bite her tongue but was okay and a little shooken up. All in all it was fun for her and the cousins. We are going to miss having Cassidy and Kayla to play with.

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